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Stay Injury Free During & Post-Workout With FitNFab Flexibility Training

Staying injury-free throughout workout or post workout requires proper stretching regime. Achieving Flexibility is the key to preventing injury. Stretching helps prepare the muscle for exercise. It has been proven that for Sports People or anyone on a fitness regime is most important for preventing injury.

Flexibility Training includes stretching each major part of the body muscle group before and after workout. Warming up and cooling down both will be part of Flexibility Training. It is one of the most overlooked aspects practiced by most people in their fitness program.

Flexibility training is stretching, lengthening and loosening muscles and tissues to improve the stretching of muscles, flexibility is the ability to move through a range of motion without pain and it can make you more comfortable throughout the day.

Flexibility Training improves aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and endurance and allows muscles to achieve complete range of motion for a maximum period. It also helps to release muscle tension and soreness to promote relaxation. A session of 10-15 minutes every day before and after workout can help you achieve flexibility in your fitness regime.

Incorporating yoga and pilates can make stretching more efficient and manageable to get started with.

Flexibility Training helps to reduce the risk of injuries and minimize muscle soreness. There are different types of stretching to improve flexibility in the body serving different purposes.

Static Stretching and Dynamic stretching lengthens a target muscle and involves a full range of movement active isolated stretching to mimic a functional activity. Active Isolated Stretching is used by exercisers to prevent injuries and muscle imbalance.

Types of Stretches at Flexibility Training

  • Standing Quad Stretch
  • Forward Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Cross-over
  • Standing Lotus Stretch
  • Seat Stretch
  • Knees to Chest

Learn a Range of Flexibility Exercises at FitNFab and improve your range of motion and achieve Injury-free Workout.

Woman undergoing Different Types of Stretches i.e. Flexibility Training at Fit N Fab

Benefits of Flexibility Training

  • Mental Relaxation
  • Improves body posture
  • Reduction of back pain and injuries
  • Increase in functional range of motion
  • Prevents and corrects muscle imbalance
  • Improvement in posture and muscle symmetry
  • Increase in the level of certain skills and muscular efficiency


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    The energy the trainers have is amazing. It really motivates me to work harder and keep going. Thank you FitNFab for such wonderful energy!

    • Taranjit Singh
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    My experience at FitNFab has been awesome. I took it for a fat loss session and the results were amazing from day one.

    • Maya
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    I have started my gym sessions with FitNFab from the very beginning. They have trained professionals and their sessions are really amazing, I love working out here.

    • Anamika Khanna
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