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CrossFit Training at Fit N Fab Fitness Center Bangalore

Take Your Training to Next Level with CrossFit Training at FitNFab

CrossFit is a strength & conditioning functional movement which is performed at high intensity levels. It is an effective workout method for losing weight, building strength, agility, and flexibility in the body. These workouts are very effective as these exercises emphasize on load, distance and speed which help the person in developing a high level of power.

CrossFit training is a form of high intensity power fitness program which starts with day-to-day movements like squatting, pulling, pushing for a predetermined time to build your muscles. Besides, a person who is proficient in respiratory endurance, good stamina, great strength, flexibility, speed, agility, maintains balance, coordinates well and accurately while doing each exercise is considered to be fit for CrossFit Training.

Each day CrossFit workout focuses on different parts of the body & tests its functional strength and work out towards further strengthening it, making it capable enough to be ready and handle anything at any time. At FitNFab, our trainers provide all round training in terms of kettlebell, weight, squats, bench press, squatting techniques, deadlift, leg press and more focusing & strengthening every part of the body.

If you are a beginner and want to try CrossFit Training, FitNFab Fitness Studio In Bangalore has got your back. We have the best trainers who will help you achieve your goals and provide the right training that takes fitness to next levels.

Sports Conditioning training is taken by athletes to target the improvement points and to ensure that the athlete gets quick, fast, capable and fit while giving the best of his game.


FitNFab – Best Fitness Centre in Bangalore has the best athlete trainer that will give you enough power to work on all training seasons and ensure that you are all prepared for your performance.

Benefits of CrossFit Training

  • Improves physical strength
  • Improvement in aerobic fitness
  • Improves agility, balance and flexibility
  • Burns body fat and manages weight efficiently
  • Progress in mental health and thinking capacity
  • Encourages Flexible movement patterns & improve functionality


  • Client Image

    The energy the trainers have is amazing. It really motivates me to work harder and keep going. Thank you FitNFab for such wonderful energy!

    • Taranjit Singh
    • Our Client
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    My experience at FitNFab has been awesome. I took it for a fat loss session and the results were amazing from day one.

    • Maya
    • CEO & Founder
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    I have started my gym sessions with FitNFab from the very beginning. They have trained professionals and their sessions are really amazing, I love working out here.

    • Anamika Khanna
    • CEO
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