Rajan & Vinay inaugurating Fit N Fab Fitness Center - Best Gym in Bangalore

The Entrepreneur Duo

FitNFab – One of the Youngest F& Top Fitness Centres in Bangalore to join the Fitness Industry was founded by Ranjan & Vinay. Hailing from Bangalore, Ranjan has always been a fitness enthusiast and having tried his hands at successful business ventures in the past, when the time came to grow big, Fitness Industry was the natural choice for him.

With a marketing degree from Bangalore University, Ranjan always wanted to put his degree into good use. The fitness project was the platform that took his entrepreneurial spirit to next level winning him multiple accolades across the state.

Vinay, your next-door IT professional from Bangalore always dreamed of owning a business that will help him foray into the entrepreneurial world. Having been buddies since childhood, when the day came, it became natural for these two to put their dreams into action. Completing his Bachelor’s in Engineering from the prestigious APS College of Engineering, techie by profession but dreamer by heart, FitnFab was the dream project through which he has fulfilled one of his childhood dreams of being an entrepreneur.

A step towards achieving their dreams, both these friends started FitNFab in 2019 which is now touted as One of the Best Fitness Centres in Bangalore. The success of this venture led them to dream bigger and make FitNFab a chain of fitness centres. The second branch of the FitNFab is slated to open soon in Ullal Road, Malathalli.

FitNFab has made its difference not just in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals but have been in the news for their responsibility towards society. Giving back to the society came natural for this founder duo, and always stepped up whenever there has been a need.

From providing relief during pandemic, distributing masks, essentials, medical supplies, numerous food distribution camps and much more. Standing tall and different from the other fitness centres, FitNFab believes in bringing in new experiences to enjoy fitness.

Ranjan and Vinay have arranged multiple bootcamps outdoors, cricket matches, football matches, trekking to nearby hills on Sunday to make fitness more enjoyable experience. As part of recreation, FitNFab periodically arranges wildlife safari and cops too to help people relax and enjoy the wildlife and bask in outdoors.

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Rajan & Vinay inaugurating Fit N Fab Fitness Center - Best Gym in Bangalore
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